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What is Time4Sport Gold?

FREE, fun, healthy lifestyle course for families with children aged 2 to 15 whose weight is above the ideal weight for their age and height.

There are three types of programmes: A weekly programme that runs during term time; we also deliver a holiday camp programme which takes place during the school holidays; and finally 1-1 family visits. One parent or guardian must support their child with these sessions.

Note during the COVID-19 pandemic we will be offering a virtual service. Delivering a mix of group and 1-1 support based sessions. 

The Time4Sport Gold programmes are commissioned by Staffordshire County Council and support the NHS Change 4 Life campaign.

Time 4 Sport Gold

What happens on a programme?

FREE, FUN weekly multi-sports activities for all the family
Free healthy recipes
Motivation and ongoing support from the Time4Sport leaders
Attendance related prizes
Interactive workshops on portion sizes, fats and sugars in foods, food labels, setting goals and how to eat healthily on a budget
Staffordshire County Council Achievement Certificate for all attending children

Benefits of attending Time4Sport Gold

Free, fun activities for all the family
We improve all attendees’ knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle
Increase families’ physical activity levels
Develop both childrens’ and parents’ sports skills, improve confidence and create leaders
Increased access and knowledge of healthy foods
Helps children avoid later problems with weight and health 
Subsequent changes in shopping and eating habits
Increase the bond between the parent and the children
Social development and team building
We provide a safe community environment where families can socialise, learn together and make new friends

Register & complete a referral online for our Time4Sport Gold Programmes:


Waiting List

Time 4 Sport Gold

This is for any families who would like to register for the programme and referrals onto the programme. Once the waiting list form is completed a Time4Sport team member will contact families with details of programmes within your area.

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