We are very proud of the feedback we receive from both Parents and Schools. Take a look at some of our latest feedback below.


Schools & Commissioners Testimonials

Rob Heppell, PE Co-ordinator, Ravensmead Primary School Bignall End, Stoke-on-Trent.
“We have recently held the Time 4 Sport Gold Healthy Lifestyle programme at our school. Time 4 Sport did a great job, working with both pupils and parents, to educate them about healthy lifestyles. The sessions were active, engaging and we had great feedback from the pupils and parents involved. We would happily work with Time 4 Sport again!”
Miss Kaminskas, PE Leader, Knypersley First School Biddulph, Staffordshire.
“Time 4 Sport delivered the Time 4 Sport Gold Healthy Lifestyle programme at Knypersley First School. The children and parents thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. The sessions were fun and interesting. The families learnt lots of important information about living a healthy lifestyle. The programme was very successful and positive feedback was reported back. The staff were enthusiastic and friendly therefore I would certainly recommend the Gold Healthy Lifestyle programme.”
Clare Molloy - PE lead at St Austin's Catholic Primary School, Stafford.
“Time 4 Sport came into our school to deliver the ‘Time 4 Sport Gold Healthy Lifestyles Programme.’ The programme was led by Mitch & Lee who had bags of enthusiasm and knowledge and delivered a very professional service. The families who attended had an immense amount of fun and at the same time gained lots of knowledge about how to live a healthier lifestyle. They reported back that the only downside was that the programme only lasted 10 weeks We look forward to working with the team again in the near future.”
Ian Saberton, Together 4 Health Service Manager, Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership NHS Trust (SSOTP) Staffordshire & Stoke on Trent
“The programmes were well planned, well organised and well delivered and staff from the Together 4 Health team who shadowed the delivery of the sessions were very impressed with the delivery style, content, engagement and outcomes.

The programmes have received great feedback from the children and their parents who attended. The feedback often described improved social skills and confidence as well as the anticipated weight management outcomes (to reduce or maintain BMI).

Time 4 Sport met all targets set by Together 4 Health and as such were considered a positive commissioned service representing great value for money. If the opportunity arose again to commission weight management for children and families all those who have worked with the Time 4 Sport team over the last few years would feel confident in recommissioning them.”

Mrs Jessica Roden, Headteacher, Manor Hill First School, Stone.
“Time 4 Sport delivered the Gold Healthy Lifestyle programme at Manor Hill First School The fun and interactive sessions were popular with both pupils and their parents and had a very positive impact on helping us to promote healthy living within our school. Matt and John were professional and friendly and we would highly recommend this to other schools.”
Alistair Fisher, Strategic Manager - Primary Prevention , Health Improvement Team. City of Stoke-on-Trent Council.
“Time 4 Sport are a professional and proactive organisation – during the contract period they have contributed towards the development of the family weight management services and have demonstrated innovative delivery methods, shared learning and best practice and have built positive relationships with partner organisations.”
Mrs Harris, PE Co-ordinator, Friarswood Primary School, Newcastle under Lyme.
“Time 4 Sport came into Friarswood Primary School to deliver the Time 4 Sport Gold Healthy Lifestyle programme. The programme was a huge success and it was delivered to a high standard. The children had lots of fun and reported back lots of interesting facts! All of the staff were enthusiastic and welcoming – I would definitely recommend the programme.”
Louise Wright, P.E Coordinator, St Maria Goretti Catholic Academy, Stoke on Trent.
“The school has taken part for the very first time in Time 4 Sport’s NHS Active Families programme. From the very first session the families were engaged and eager to take part. It was great to see the families returning week after week enjoying the programme and leaving feeling more positive about health and fitness. The staff who delivered the programme were friendly, enthusiastic and engaged with all the families building their confidence and understanding. The families have enjoyed the sessions that much that they didn’t want the programme to end and are now eager to take part in an active families after school club. I would definitely recommend the programme and look forward to working with Time 4 Sport in the near future.”
Jill Carey , Home School Link, St. Luke’s Primary Silverdale, Newcastle under Lyme.
“We had Time for Sport into St. Luke’s Primary to deliver the Time 4 Sport Gold Programme. Matt and Johnny had an excellent balance of professionalism and friendliness; they had a playful way about them with the children and encouraged everyone to join in. There was a good mix of nutritional information and physical activities and the families enjoyed the challenge of completing the weekly goals. The nutritional information sparked an interesting debate regarding after school snacks that resulted in our school PTFA selling fruit pots after school encouraging parents to drop the sugary after school treats! All the participating families enjoyed the programme and one family in particular whose son would not attend after school clubs now does due to the confidence gained during The Time 4 Sport Gold Programme. I would certainly recommend the programme and we hope to have them back sometime in the future.”
Jackie Williams. Principle, Crescent Primary Academy, Meir, Stoke on Trent.
“Wayne and his team ran Active Families at The Crescent Academy over the Autumn and Spring terms 2016. Their commitment and dedication enthused the families from Crescent, and the feedback was exceptionally positive. Parents and pupils were keen to take part in all the sessions, and great benefits were seen both physically and in the relationships formed. I would commend the Active Families programme without hesitation.”
Nick Engleman, PE Coordinator, Crescent Primary School, Meir, Stoke on Trent.
The children loved the AF programme they were involved in. It was always on their mind and looked forward to it at the start of the week. I feel the interaction between the children and the parents in these sessions will have a massive impact on the healthy lifestyle choices they will make in the future.
Steph Smalley, PE Coordinator, The Willows Primary School, Penkhull, Stoke on Trent.
We had Time 4 Sport into The Willows Primary School to deliver the Active Families programme, the staff were all friendly, enthusiastic and delivered to a high standard. From the moment they were in our school delivering assemblies or later on the sessions all the children and families were engaged and enjoying themselves! It was great to see less active families getting involved and coming away from the sessions with big smiles on their faces. I would definitely recommend the programme and the delivery was fantastic from Time 4 Sport staff.
Laure Cunningham, Staffordshire Public Health Development Officer, Staffordshire County Council.
Over the last 5 years working with Time 4Sport, they demonstrated a vast understanding of not only the weight management programmes that they deliver but also the wider determinants of public health that are integral to supporting children and young people to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve a healthy weight.
Mark Robinson, Entrust Teaching Consultant, Staffordshire.
Going to the gym is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ and treadmills, cross trainers in fact any form of gym based activity can lead the person (particularly if they are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle) undertaking the exercise to feel somewhat exposed to the public gaze. That is the beauty of the way Time 4 Sport deliver their family healthy lifestyle programme. In the school hall, away from any perceived public pressure and partaking in ‘fun’ games that get you up and moving without really realising that that is what you are doing. Every parent that was asked said just how much fun they had had and how much they learnt.
Jess Oakden, School Nurse, Newcastle and Moorlands School Nurse Team.
Please allow me to take the time to offer my appreciation for a support service which I feel is vital to the community. In my experience Time 4 Sport offers a varied programme that offers something for everybody to enjoy. The team work hard to promote accessibility and offer the support and motivation required to engage children and families in healthy lifestyle changes. The involvement of parents in the programme improves sustainability and has added benefits of reinforcing family bonds. As a school nurse I am constantly aware of the link between lifestyle and a whole range of health issues including emotional health. I was pleased to see issues such as weight address in a sensitive manor that promotes self-esteem as well as leading change. I do hope that Time 4 Sport can continue to offer this support into the future.
Helen Bishop - Parent Support Worker/Home School Link Worker, Hempstalls Primary School, Newcastle under Lyme.
We have referred a number of families to the Time 4 Sport Gold programme. We have found that the programme has been well organised and that the delivery team are approachable and professional.
The families that have attended have all enjoyed the sessions. They have found sessions fun and informative. Not only does Time 4 Sport help children lead a more healthy lifestyle it helped children grow in confidence and improve their social skills.
As a parent support worker/home school link worker I have found Time 4 Sport programme a great asset in my role of supporting our school community, as they help engage the more difficult to reach families. Often families we refer have underlying issues at home. Referring families to the Time 4 Sport Gold programme enables us to improve families’ lifestyles no end.
Emily Rogers, Medical Student, School of Medicine, Keele University.
In my time volunteering for ‘Time 4 Sport’ I got to experience first-hand the positive effects that being in a proactive and positive environment can have on the families involved trying to develop a healthier lifestyle. It promotes this in a fun and hands-on way through the use of sports, games and poster making activities, while also giving parents an opportunity to talk to experienced staff about problems they may need help with. The fun workshops allow the families to be surrounded by others who are experiencing similar difficulties to them which created a constant supportive atmosphere in which families were able to help each other to develop healthy lifestyles.
Catherine Graham, Medical Student, School of Medicine, Keele University.
From volunteering at the ‘Time 4 Sport Gold’ programme, I became aware of how programmes like these are important to the community. Not only did the programme teach both parents and children the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle but also brought families together to socialise. Numerous parents commented on how the programme brought structure to their daily routine and how it brought across new fresh ideas to help their family become healthier and become a closer unit. The children actively participated in activities each session and through this the children got to mix and make friends whilst exercising. From volunteering weekly, I got to see how the children developed in confidence in their knowledge of their heath and in their physical activities. Every week both children and parents showed enthusiasm and excitement to be there.

The staff at ‘Time 4 Sport Gold’ had always a positive energy and showed patience towards the families. The sessions were always well prepared, with relevant and important information about health and time allowed for the children (and sometimes parents) to take part in the physical activities, such as swimming.

‘Time 4 Sport Gold’ is an exceptional programme to have in a community. It benefits a lot of families and creates a positive spin on a healthy lifestyle.

Paul Rutter, Head of PE at Haywood Academy, Burslem, Stoke on Trent.
Time 4 Sport recently delivered a Healthy Lifestyle Camp at Haywood Academy. The programme was extremely popular with students and very successful. Students learnt valuable information about their exercise patterns, the importance of sleep and the benefits of a balanced diet.

Students were able to relate this to their own lifestyle throughout the week and could analyse the impact their choices had on their health. Wayne and his team delivered the programme in a fantastic manner from organising the course, dealing with parents, the delivery of the course and ensuring results were gathered and the improvements of students health were recorded. They are all very enthusiastic and passionate about improving the health and lifestyle of the students they work with. I would highly recommend Time 4 Sport to any schools within the Stoke-on-Trent area.

Pauline Bloor, Head Teacher – St John’s CE (A) Primary School, Trent Vale, Stoke on Trent.
St John’s has engaged the services of Time 4 Sport for six years now. The aims have been to provide quality teaching for PPA cover, CPD support to up skill staff and high quality extra-curricular/holiday provision. These have both been achieved, it has been a great success and I rate them highly. They teach in both KS1 and KS2 and are flexible to change in classes. The team has developed excellent relationships with the children who all enjoy the lessons.
Lynne.Willis, Head Teacher - Stoke Minister CE(A) Primary School, Stoke on Trent.
Since Time 4 Sport have been delivering our PPA and extra-curricular sports clubs we have seen a vast improvement in our pupils’ skill and learning levels for PE. The pupils thoroughly enjoy the lessons because they are engaging, well planned and delivered. The pupils had a fantastic time during the holiday camps and as a result we will definitely be requesting Time 4 Sport to deliver further camps. This is high quality provision which we can highly recommend.
Richard Leech , Physical Education Teacher - Blythe Bridge High School and Sixth Form, Stoke on Trent.
I first experienced the services of Time 4 Sport three years ago when I needed a coaching company to deliver a summer sports camp at my high school. After two hugely successful back to back summer camps I wouldn’t consider getting in any other company. The organisation and communication of the Time 4 Sport management staff is always of the highest order, which means working alongside them is easy. All of the coaches deliver well planned sporting activities that not only greatly improve the sporting ability of young people but also their sporting enjoyment. Whenever the Time 4 Sport team are at my school, I know that our pupils are guaranteed a worthwhile memorable sporting experience.
Phil Rogers, PE Lead - Seabridge Primary School, Newcastle under Lyme.
Time 4 Sport’s coaches deliver fun, exciting and engaging sessions that all the children enjoy. Children are continuously learning new skills and enhancing skills they have already learnt. This is enabled through the positive relationships that the Time 4 Sport staff build and maintain with all the children they work with. As well as this, Time 4 Sport offer fantastic delivery of curriculum when supporting teachers, ensuring that curriculum delivery is fun, engaging and promoting a love of physical education. Time 4 Sport offer brilliant extra-curricular clubs, both to Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, which consistently have high attendances. This speaks volumes about the quality of delivery from coaches who have strong subject knowledge. As part of our Fitness Friday scheme, Time 4 Sport offer short, engaging sessions which help children to develop different areas of skill as well as developing their social skills too. This is a beneficial opportunity for staff to learn about some of the activities that they can use with their classes as well.
Simon Waller, Teacher of Physical Education - Abbey Hill Special School, Stoke on Trent.
We have been using Time 4 Sport to deliver an after-school sports club to some of our Key Stage 2 pupils. The quality of the delivery, the variety of activities leading to 100% engagement of the pupils has been great. Every pupil loves coming and leaves having enjoyed every minute. Would I use Time 4 Sport again? Certainly!

Parents & Children Testimonials

Lucy Stallwood (Parent) Time 4 Sport GOLD Programme, Stone.
The guys who run it are great and make it enjoyable for the parents and kids. No one gets bored, apart from the parents not being able keep up with the kids. The parents encourage each other whilst trying out do them. Overall it’s worth the time and sweat.
Katy Parker (Parent) Holiday Camp, Wolstanton, Newcastle under Lyme.
My two boys aged 8 & 10 both love Time 4 Sport – both very different boys one sporty, one not at all – and they both love their time at the sessions , and beg to go back each holiday – it suits all abilitys and i would recommend to everyone – Well done Time 4 Sport!
Nikki Dalgarno (Parent) Holiday Camp, May Bank, Newcastle under Lyme.
Both my boys have attended the Holiday Camp and they can’t rave about it enough. They loved every minute, they were active, made friends and were made to feel very welcome. My youngest son uses a wheelchair and he fully participated in all the activities. They both left beaming and full of confidence. Great service, will definitely be using again.
Hannah Whittaker (Parent) Holiday Camp, Stoke on Trent.
My two boys Marley and Leo attended the sports club mon-wed of the Feb half term, both are complete opposites Leo the youngest would give Usain Bolt a run for his money ( mainly with his mouth ) and Marley would rather catch the next bus than run for the one at the stop!

I was absolutely stunned at how much they both enjoyed their time at ‘time 4 sport’, they have made new friends which they were extremely sad to say goodbye too at the end of the camp!

I had to promise them that they could attend both weeks of the Easter holiday camp before they would come home. ( feeling a neglected mum at this point ). I’d like to say a huge thank you to Lee and Mitch for making the boys feel welcome!

Hopefully, they will see everybody again in April

Angela Sochacki (Mother) & 11 year old daughter Stacy Sochacki. Time 4 Sport GOLD Programme, May Bank, Newcastle under Lyme.
We wanted to join the programme to try and get fitter and learn how to be healthier together. The fun multi-sports games side of the programme was brilliant, especially for Stacy. The children never got bored. The 5 goals that were set each week were useful and kept the children motivated, as a result of the goals we have increased our water uptake and making sure we get enough fruit and veg in our diet. I have noticed Stacy’s energy levels improve, and we plan to make sure we stick to our goals and try to at least do an hour’s worth of activity each day. We really enjoyed the programme!
Emma Bourne (Parent) Holiday Camp, Trentham Stoke on Trent.
I won the competition for 4 days over Easter. Both my boys enjoyed their time here, and couldn’t wait to go again! Both shattered by the end of the day, which is always a good thing. I will be recommending u to everyone, and will definitely be booking them in again. Thank you.
Mr Sims (Parent) Active Families, Meir, Stoke on Trent.
What a fantastic programme. By attending the Active Families programme we are now a lot healthier as a family. We now walk to school, rather than drive and have now cut down a lot of junk food.

My boys also seem to have grown in confidence and even made new friends from attending the programme. Many thanks to Wayne and the rest of the Time 4 Sport team.

Mrs Parks (Parent) Active Families, Trent Vale, Stoke on Trent.
Me and my daughter loved the programme. Especially the parent vs children multi sport sessions. Shame it only lasts 10 weeks as we wish it ran all year round; but we have been referred to a family fitness session, which we aim to attend at least once a week.
Mrs Archer (Parent) Active Families, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent.
Fantastic programme for all the family. It’s very difficult to find any activities that welcome all the family (especially when on a budget). The Active Families programme not only does this but has helped educate all my 3 children about the dangers of eating too much sugary and fatty snacks. The programme is educational but also fun, my 3 loved all the multi-sports activities. The fun workshops allowed us to problem solve and bond together as a family. I would recommend to anyone. Thank you Time 4 Sport.
Mrs Moore (Parent) Active Families, Birches Head, Stoke on Trent.
When I got a letter from the school nurse stating my daughter was overweight, I was a little angry and upset. But when I spoke to the Time 4 Sport team about the Active Families programme, they reassured me that a few small changes can make a big difference. 3 months later and my daughter is at a healthy weight, exercising more and eating smaller portions (that was the main problem). Thank you to Time 4 Sport team for all your support and patience.
Mr Hamleton (Parent) Active Families, Hanford, Stoke on Trent.
I would 100% recommend this programme to my friends and family. Ideal programme to learn for FREE how to live a healthier lifestyle whilst having fun, making new friends and bonding together as family. We didn’t want the programme to end, but Time 4 Sport have referred us to their community sessions, which we look forward to attending. Thanks again.
Mrs Heath (Parent) Time 4 Sport GOLD Programme, Newcastle under Lyme.
Thank you to all the T4S team, me and my two daughters have really enjoyed the programme and learn lots of tips which will help us eat healthier at home. We have also started a new sport together which has helped us bond together more as a family.
Mrs Jones (Parent) Time 4 Sport Gold, Kidsgrove.
Big thank you to Lee and Mitch, we loved the Gold programme. It was the perfect place to get back on track living a healthy lifestyle. We now eat a lot healthier at home and exercise a lot more as a family.
Mr Simpson (Parent) Time 4 Sport Gold, Biddulph.
What a great programme, ideal for families who want to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle on a budget. The leaders make the programme great fun, through the mixture of multi-sport activities and interactive workshops.
Mrs Poole (Parent) Time 4 Sport Gold, Chesterton.
Thanks to the Time 4 Sport Gold programme my daughter now eats more fruit and veg and actually enjoying sports. Prior to the programme she was hesitant at trying any new type of food and hated any type of exercise. Thank you to Matt and John for creating such as positive environment.
Mrs Hussian (Parent) Time 4 Sport Gold, Leek.
What a great family programme. With being a single parent to 3 children and having low income we find it hard to stay fit and eat healthy on a budget. The gold programme has really helped educate us on how to live a healthy lifestyle on a budget.
Sandra Marks (Parent) Holiday Camp Stoke on Trent.
Thank you for having my 2 children during the Easter holidays, they loved all the fun games the T4S leaders delivered each day. Mark’s favourite activity was the World Cup competitions at the end of each day.
Adam Fossel (Parent) Holiday Camp, Trent Vale, Stoke on Trent.
Yet another brilliant holiday camp delivered by Time 4 Sport. Would highly recommend to other working parents, cheaper than care club and children are active the whole day. Thank you Mitch and John.
Elizabeth Folk (Parent) Holiday Camp, Stoke on Trent.
Dawn really loved this week, big thank you to all the team for keeping the children active, having fun, motivated and wanting more each day.
Hayley Jones (Parent) Holiday Camp, Blurton, Stoke on Trent.
I wouldn’t send my children anywhere else during the school holidays. Children have fun, its cost effective and great venue at the Michelin. I would recommend to any other parent.
Jude Wilkes (Parent) Holiday Camp, Oakhill, Stoke on Trent.
My 5 year old son has attended a number of sessions at Time 4 Sport holiday camp and he cannot praise his time there enough. He is excited to attend and comes home beaming. His confidence is exuberant The staff are friendly and very professional.