Kids' outdoor adventure club
at the beautiful Trentham Estate

Trentham Gardens Adventure Kids’ Clubs

Action packed, outdoor adventure kids’ clubs taking place at the beautiful Trentham Estate.

Time4Sport Kids’ Clubs build confidence and self-esteem, improve social skills, life skills, co-ordination and fitness levels.


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Open for children aged 6-13, great for working parents!

The perfect way for your children to enjoy the outdoors, have fun, stay fit, be safe, make new friends and learn during the school holidays.

Full Day
  • 8.30am-3.30pm
  • Action packed full day
  • Bring a healthy packed lunch

What activities take place at a Trentham Gardens Kids’ Club?

Team Games
Racket Sports
Assault Course
Healthy Living
Treasure Hunt
Team building
Den building
Nature trails
Adventure playground
Laser Tag
Barefoot walk
Problem Solving
& much more

Time4Sport Kids’ Clubs build confidence and self-esteem, improve social skills, life skills, co-ordination and fitness levels.

Each child who attends will receive a certificate of achievement for attending and have the chance to win various other prizes.

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Trentham Gardens

Venue: Trentham Gardens, Stone Rd, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 8JG.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you accept childcare vouchers for the Trentham Gardens Adventure Kids' Club?
Sorry, not for the Trentham Gardens Kids’ Clubs I am afraid. We only accept childcare vouchers for our Kids’ Camps.
Is there any siblings discount?
Yes, there is 10% siblings discount at our Trentham Gardens Kids’ Clubs.
Can I turn up with my child on the day?
No, children must be pre-registered on our days as coaches need to know the numbers of children they will be working with to plan their sessions to suit. Numbers are also limited so we recommend you register as we enforce a first come, first served policy.
Do parents have to stay throughout the session?
No, parents can pick their children up at the end of each day, safe in the knowledge that their child is having fun, being active and most importantly in a safe environment with our qualified and vetted coaches. When dropping off a child at our service, parents/guardians must drop their children off at the sign in desk, so T4S staff can check your emergency contact details. When dropping off/collecting children, parents/guardians are not permitted to go past the sign in desk. This is to support safeguarding for your child and other children attending the service.
What time should I come to drop off my child?
As children need to be registered every day before the start of camp days or weekly coaching courses etc, it’s important that you arrive on time for the coaching day (8.30am), so we can start our coaching session on time. There is a £15+VAT charge for early drop off and late collection. This is charged if children are dropped off more than 5 minutes early or collected more than 5 minutes late for their sessions.
What does my child have to wear/bring to each session?
Clothing: We recommend participants wear weather and sports appropriate clothing. As it’s an adventure camp, we are going to be on the go and likely to be getting messy, so we advise for all children to bring a rain jacket, wellies and a full change of clothes.

When the sun is strong, sun-cream and a hat are also recommended.

Note we do have use of both indoor and outdoor facilities at Trentham!

Food/Drink/Medication: Time4Sport don’t supply any food for break time at our camps so that is down to you; if possible, make it as healthy as possible and make sure you provide plenty of fluids for your children (non fizzy). All children who attend a full day will require a packed lunch, at least one drink (ideally a water bottle so it can be re filled) and a snack for break time. For any children who require medication, it is vital they bring all medication required to each day of the camp i.e. inhalers. Medical information must be stated on the booking forms.

No hand held computers or expensive items are to be brought to the camps or kids’ club.

Who will be delivering the holiday camps?
Our fully insured, DBS checked, First Aid Trained, Safeguard trained, vastly experienced Time4Sport staff. See details of our innovative and hardworking team here.
Where is the drop off point and collection point for the Trentham Gardens Kids' Clubs?
Trentham Gardens entrance; where you would normally pay or show your membership to get into the gardens. (Number 11 on the Map).