Transforming physical education: 5 top tips for spending the new School Sports Premium and benefits for schools and pupils

Group of Time4Sport kids camp children playing a ball game

On 8 March 2023, there was a major government funding announcement for primary physical education (PE) and school sport. The government confirmed that there will be £600 million investment across the next two academic years (2023-24 and 2024-25) for the continuation of the primary school PE and sport. This funding commitment is to improve the quality of PE and sports in primary schools, to help children benefit from regular activity.

Making a long-term impact on the health and wellbeing of young people

At Time4Sport we believe that this announcement is an excellent opportunity for all of us to work together to make a long-term impact on the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Making the most of your School Sports Premium funding

The School Sports Premium is a valuable funding program for primary schools to enhance physical education and sport opportunities for pupils. But how can you make the most of this funding? Here are some top tips for spending the School Sports Premium and the benefits this funding brings for your school and pupils.

  1. Before you start to spend, complete a PESSPA health check. A Time4Sport PESSPA health check will analyse your PE, school sport and physical activity against the Department for Education’s Five Key Indicators, allowing you to measure impact and review spend. This will enable your PESSPA to prosper and make healthy lives possible for your children and families.
  2. Hire specialist coaches to work alongside your current staff to deliver the recommended two hours of PE at your school. They can provide additional training and support to help improve the quality of your PE lessons and extra-curricular sports clubs. For example, a specialist gymnastics coach could work with your staff to develop their skills and confidence in teaching gymnastics to pupils.
  3. Promote physically active learning. Investing in physically active learning resources can help pupils achieve their full potential both academically and physically. Engaging in programmes in school like Maths on the Move and English on the Move, can help pupils to focus better and improve their cognitive function.
  4. Promote active travel. With more people working from home there is an opportunity to advocate leaving cars at home and walking, scooting or cycling to school instead. There has been an increase in families walking together to school, and there is a great opportunity for schools to build on this trend by promoting active travel amongst pupils and their families. Use your PE and sport premium to invest in cycle training for pupils across the school. Make active travel an easy option for families by ensuring the school grounds are accessible for bikes and scooters. Look to research and invest in proven schemes that reward children for travelling to and from school in an active way.
  5. Inter-School Sports Competitions. Organising competitions is a great way to encourage pupils to participate in physical activity, build team spirit, and develop their competitive skills. Consider organising regular competitions in a variety of sports, such as football, netball, or athletics, and invite nearby schools to participate.

Benefits of the School Sports Premium funding for schools and pupils

  • Improved quality of physical education and extracurricular sports opportunities
  • Increased participation in physical activity
  • Enhanced skills, confidence, and self-esteem of pupils
  • Better academic performance and behaviour of pupils
  • Improved health and well-being of pupils

Improving the quality of physical education in schools

Spending the School Sports Premium wisely can make a significant difference to the quality of physical education and sport opportunities for pupils but can also be the driver for whole school improvement. By following these top tips, you can create a fun, engaging, and inclusive environment that promotes physical activity, teamwork, and healthy living.

If your school require more support around this and would like to book in a PESSPA health check, please get in touch.